The deals with your inner Self

Are you dealing your way out of something… with your inner being?

Have you ever found yourself making a deal without maybe knowing that you are?

Those deals come often in self conversation or prayers where you say things you would prefer instead, either good or less good, but you are ready to do anything else but (whatever it is), or saying that this or that can benefit this one and that one not only yourself so it would be better… truly seeing that it does for real, so the new “choices” that you have are not just you dealing your way out, but you “planning a better option” without “being selfish” because you think of others in this story you want to exchange.

How often have you made “better” possible and plausible stories in your mind… searching and finding alternative story endings to avoid what you do not wish? This is making a deal with your inner being… and as much as the options sounds awesome and great, they are you trying to find a way out, you figuring out another option… therefore you making a deal with your inner Self.

The thing is… it is not a bad thing as if you are aware that you do, you might be also aware that those new stories you are allowing in your mind space are maybe more positive than your negativity you felt that was the trigger point in creating those stories.  You might feel more energized, so they helped you getting out of your own way where you were stuck with your thoughts and energy. This is a way to uplift your present moment energy from a maybe negative one to a maybe positive or more positive one, because those new stories are more fun than the reality you were or are facing. Even if they do not come true. For the time being, they were the best.

It also uplifted your energy because you might have acted or asked or said something to someone creating a cause for a new effect. And that new effect produces new openings and a forward movement in that story of yours.

Maybe it helped you understand what you genuinely wanted. Maybe it helped you understand your power when collaborating with your inner being, because instead of dealing with someone, you were dealing with your inner being, your inner Self, your inner Source. When you do and you are hearing from within, you can hear how what you are avoiding is a dot connecting to the next one. You might even see the next dot. You might even see that the dot was a small dot and not a big circle… making it more enjoyable than it was before.

So, those deals with your inner Self are not really deals; they are you opening yourself to a conversation with your inner being… the importance is to have a conversation and not just a monologue, so you talk and you listen, you cry for help and you listen, you pray and you listen…

In a conversation you do not just repeat the same thing over and over and over, it is a back and forth exchange going forward. Do the same when you have your inner conversations, when you feel a need to deal your way out of something.  A deal is “an agreement that benefits”… benefiting your well-being and that well-being starts from within.

Enjoy the process.

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 🙂



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