Love and wisdom in memories

Did you know that in your psychic atmosphere, there is some beautiful wisdom also and not only karmic energy you might try to get rid of? And by karmic I also mean causes and effects in your present life.

Have you honored those energies sometimes supporting your challenges, your journey? Or have you only learned and(or) worked at removing them from your energy space and atmosphere thinking it was only negative and unnecessary energies?

Have you ever felt a burst of loving energy that seemed to be coming from nowhere near or from no tangible and visible situation?

Do you have a loving memory from someone that is no longer alive?

Do you have flashes of a Mentor or someone that has created a change through History?

Everything that is part of your psychic atmosphere is there for you, for your present moment, to teach you something, to make you aware of something, to support you, to help you get better, to refine and clean your now, to answer a request or question.

Take the time to see if you acknowledge the wisdom of those or if you only see the negativity your ego-based thoughts might also make you aware of.

Take the time to listen and receive what it is that you are meant to get from the loving energy that is also present beyond those ego-based thoughts.

What you wish to cleanse, and remove, is the toxins from that connection, not the connection itself which might be what an ego thought suggests.

So, take the time to acknowledge the energy and translate it with your heart and not your ego.

Enjoy he process!

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 🙂



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