It’s time to practice

When you wake up to your new day, before you go on with your morning routine… do you take the time to be grateful and acknowledge that each day comes with everything you need? It does!

Do you know what you need, or do you think you know what you need?

When you follow this simple but not always easy way of knowing what you need… you will no longer ignore what is coming your way that might be what you will have for your tomorrow’s needs. That is how it works. When there is a lack of something in your today… somewhere along the road, you might have not seen or ignored some signs telling you that it was time to place your order for later, or start picking up a few things here and there along the way to have it all for later.

Although you might have not seen the signs on your way, there is always a beautiful course-correction that can be done when you connect with your inner being that knows what you need today and also that can help you see where you might have not seen what to see, and sooth your worries. You can learn to be aware. It is an awareness progress. It is good right? Beautiful life lessons.

Back to know what you need, and not what your ego-based mind tells you that you need… I will share here a simple practice of asking yourself what you do need today so you can be a full collaborator. Try and see if it works for you. It can help you stop the mind speed ego likes, so you are more open to listen. It will also stop the worries about the lacks you might see for your today 🙂

However you practice your connection with your inner being, your Source of your resources… sit down and place a hand on your chest and take a few long deep breaths, and say so you can hear yourself in a gentle voice “Today I need”… but do not continue… let yourself just be in the silent moment to stop the ego-based mind pushing ideas. Breathe again and while exhaling repeat very slowly “Today I need…” and let yourself fill in rest with the *emotions you need to feel today* to re-balance what is, to make it right in your now, in your today emotionally.

And what you need to feel those will come, will be.

That’s it! That is all you need.

Everything else is your ego telling you the how and when and from. Stay in that trust so you can pick up or order what might come on your way for another day’s needs.

You will feel a deep all-is-nice sighing breathing often coming with a gentle smile you’ll have… and that is telling you that you are in that moment in full collaboration with your inner being.

Take the time to be thankful for this oneness collaboration before you move on and enjoy this moment.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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