Well-being assignment

Have you ever seen two people doing exactly the same thing with the same external conditions… where only one was having a happy energy?

Bringing joy into everything you do is your personal task or mission or assignment. It is a personal well-being life assignment.

When you are fully into your present moment, you can understand the importance of everything you do and also that your present moment is the one you are living therefore, enjoying it is your main well-being priority.

It does not take away the rest of your life or troubles, if any, but it does not have to also carry the weight that does not belong to it.

It does not matter what kind of situations you are in and even if it is one you wish to change or get rid of… whatever you are doing in your now can be done with joy and a lighter energy.

It is up to you to either feed where your mind is focusing while doing it, or to be more into your now where worrying and being negative or feeding the negativity will not help your energy.

Take the time to see where your focus is when you do not enjoy what you are doing.

Use that awareness to do the self-help work you can do, collaborating with your inner being to learn how to enjoy everything you are doing.

Use gratitude to shift your focus if you need to stop some negative thoughts from taking too much mind space. Being thankful for what you can see that you have to take your mind away a little… be grateful while at it. This can also help uplift your energy space.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂




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