Your personal task

Like the meaning of the yellow tulip changed over time maybe through wise inspiration, it is your task to change your love into something joyful.

Loving something or someone is always a joyful emotion.

When it does not bring you a pleasant feeling, it tells you there is unbalance within yourself, not the situation, but within your own self. Are you true to yourself? Are you feeding fears? Are you avoiding the truth?

Take the time to observe where is your viewpoint… that might make you believe that the outside conditions are keeping you from enjoying Love.

Is it your ego-based thoughts bringing many reasons why what or who you love on once loved is defined by outside conditions? Or bringing some awareness about some course-correction or changes are needed?

It is your personal task to transform love into something positive and joyful simply because what or who you love is personal to you. Your heart, your soul, knows the joy of that love and it is your task to listen to your inner being guiding you to make it positive… for you.

Take the time to transform all that you love into a joyful emotion. And when you feel a negative emotion related to it, it is a great indicator that you are not in sync and it is time for a little talk to talk with your inner being where you might need to listen more and follow inspired actions. A talk to talk to uplift your personal energy. A talk to talk to remove negative energies that are only coming from your own thoughts.

Loving something or someone is always a joyful emotion. Ego-based thoughts make it seem otherwise.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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