But first, feel good!

Have you ever felt a negative energy, a discomfort with the energy surrounding you?

Either while at work or at home, there can be situations where you might feel that something is not going with the flow and without being able to pinpoint it, or maybe you know why but it does not seem to change it, the only way to shift that influence of energy is to feel good yourself.

I remember when I was training and running for the MTL-NY running challenge, there was some moments where the outside conditions were not going to get better as the kilometres were piling up and my body was getting tired, so feeling good with good thoughts and good memories was the only way to uplift my energy so I could keep going with ease and also desire to continue.

So, I can tell you from experience that it is by feeling good that is it easy and quickly possible to uplift your own energy level and the energy influencing you and your now.

It does not mean you avoid what is, but once you acknowledge what comes to your awareness, either something you must attend now or you list for later, to continue your day on a maybe more positive note, feeling good is your must-card to play in your present moment.

Each one of us have different ways to do it, so find your own ways to feel good. Find what makes you feel good quickly and what makes you feel good maybe less quickly but lasting longer.

It is your own and personal responsibility to feel good without conditions.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂




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