How do you feel?

Sometimes, some people do not know where to start to feel better.  Often, the ones that do not take the time to acknowledge how they feel.

Do you know how to describe how you feel? Can you make a list of how you feel, describing it and letting your intuition helping you to describe it from your heart? Do you know that sometimes looking for a synonym of a word you use to explain how you feel… can make you see that you are not using the correct word and another one might feel more accurate, therefore, can make you see how you truly feel because it allows you to identify it? Sometimes it can even make you accept to see it.

And how do you describe how you feel to use it to move forward and unblock some energy?

Have you ever heard of metaphysics illness or psychosomatic symptoms? Do you know how wonderful your emotions are when it comes to teach you what to be aware of in your now? In your now because as soon as you acknowledge a feeling, the understanding it, clarifying it and knowing why… might make it no longer there… or different which is then another description.

Then it is like superimposing those personal descriptions to that present situation. Your body is talking for you. It is like translating your body’s energy. Doing that can help clarifying what was not seen. Looking at it with this different approach, can allow you to step back to look at it differently… being true with yourself.

It is a longer process of course, but often just this little start can help anyone not able to look at it with an observer standpoint start being able to and allow a more fluid energy into opening yourself to feel better.

Try it. Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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