Feed the right story

It is very easy to feed the wrong story as it often comes quickly and “naturally” in your mind, either from past experiences you had or saw, or books you read, or shows you watched. When you let your imagination take over, it can become very easy to feed a story whether it is right or wrong on

It is easy to feed the wrong story… it is also easy to feed the right one. The right one brings peace and calmness. It might not be as glamorous and as top-news which could often be the reason it is less fed by some, or at first.

Sitting down helps you be aware of your present moment; it helps you first stop the flow of energy all around you and can help you refocus… voluntarily.

When you cannot seem to stop feeding a wrong story, sit down and stop moving for a few deep breaths. Stay still, and from there you can have a self-talk and create from “facts”… giving them new reasons and new explanations.

And do it slowly, as slowly as you can, because ego-based thoughts like speed chains of thoughts.

When you take the time to feed facts with a slow motion, you give yourself space to hear a different reason and a different vision, therefore a “right story” that is not fearful, negative and not even the one you first imagined out of worries and fear.

Try it so you can see the difference and learn your own way to do it. Find a place to sit still where you can collaborate with your inner-being feeding you the right story.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂




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