Your emotions are messengers

A (negative) emotion is like a messenger… bringing you some information, a message. The messenger gives you the message then leave. You then deal with it. He does not stay with you to see how you deal with it. You also take care of it the way you want to, he does not tell you how to.

When a negative emotion comes in, take it as it being a messenger and open it to read and see the message that needs your attention, often your immediate attention, then let the messenger, the negative emotion go… and deal with the information.

Once you have the information, once you see and know what was brought to your attention, and once you put your attention to clarify and deal with what the messenger brought to your attention, you can hopefully understand better that the emotion, the messenger, was just a carrier to make you aware of something, the carrier was not “it”.
So, dealing with the messenger without opening and reading the message is a non-sense and will bring no results.

So, maybe with this example you can see how it is important to acknowledge those emotions you have, because they carry a message for you to read, to see and to take care of… without the messenger as the messenger has no impact on the information that needs care.

Now to take care of the information received, connecting and collaborating with your inner being will bring you a peaceful way, a Zen way to do it, which will always open to more clarifying and better results.

Learn to enjoy those messengers for what they are: messengers.

Learn to open their messages without tearing anything apart to see inside. Let the messenger go and call another one if needed, instead of letting it wait while you take care of it or see how you can or will. This is you not feeding a (negative) emotion.

Enjoy this maybe different way of seeing your emotions.

Nathalie 🙂



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