A necessary delay

Being One with your inner being, being aware that you are One, can bring you to collaboratively slow down a result from coming, a dream from happening. Your inner being knows what you unconsciously are not always aware of, or not yet, and that collaboration is a redirection where you play you part in attracting what is slowing it, therefore redirecting you for a while… a necessary delay.

When you see reasons why something is not happening, and those reasons do not leave you upset but make you understand the delay taking place, in believing them, you attract them as they are… delaying the result you wish.

Your inner being cannot do that on its own and as One with it, aware that you are One with it, that Oneness makes you be a full collaborator for this redirection to occur.

This redirection is always because there is something that needs to be done before, and in understanding the reasons for something delayed, your energy is not diminished, the outside conditions are not keeping you from being happy and you open yourself positively to something else in the meantime… making you receptive to listen, hear and act on inspired actions for what might be a total different dream you have forgotten about or not clarified yet…. that needed to be experienced before this one… for the purpose it serves or to answer an older request you might have forgotten about.

Often people think they are in their own way negatively… without knowing that it is exactly where they need to be… because the were following an ego-based dream or thought, and not a co-creation with their inner being dream… one that will make them fully satisfied and happy with everything it contains… and not only being happy with a few conditions only.

Take the time to see when you think that are in your own way if you are truly in collaboration with your inner being helping you to realize your personal dreams or your ego-based desire.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂




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