Searching Love

The more you connect within, the more you feel that connection with your inner being, the more you can feel pure Love from the Universe, Source, God (however you call it)… and the more you feel that love from within, the less you depend on feeling it from outside sources and the more you can enjoy life without conditions.

That can allow sane friendships, sane relationships, sane business partnerships, sane alone time, etc. Because from that inner quality connection, there is no lack of love and no lack of feeling loved.

Sometimes, some enjoy being alone and they truly do… when it is done on their own terms and conditions, but it becomes a very different story when they must face it without some external luxury according to their own definition or some dependency they call love.

This reminds me of a busy or unhappy person answering “yes” to those images-posts asking if they would live “there” without Wi-Fi and people for a year… often those same people are finding it very difficult to be alone in their own home after a weekend without Wi-Fi, television and without seeing a single soul and be truly happy with themselves. They had conditions to say yes… the ones that they wanted to leave behind for a while.

Back to feeling Love from within, is often what is missing as a major key to many incomprehensive patterns or many expectations not met, because what is not felt from within is searched outside.

So, as much one can work at changing a pattern for a better one, or add a new habit to leave less space to an older one, seeking for an outside joy and loving feeling, is part of the changes one might be seeking, often unconsciously.

There is only one way to connect withing… just do it… connect within. It can be done through meditation or prayers however you practice it.

Enjoy your personal journey… without conditions

Nathalie 🙂



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