Old energy in your now

Have you ever felt “guilty” after sharing something personal with someone? I am not talking about gossiping here but sharing something personal you experienced.

Here is why in the simplest explanation I can give you.

When you share something that is happening to you and that is still very active in your mind, you share with your now and all is good (or okay), and it can often bring you tools or a different perception to find the solution or to connect with the solution.

When you share something that is already in your past, even if not long ago, that you either might have solutionned or that you might have let go to do something else… and from, that your energy has already shifted to a different one, a better one and a maybe even joyful one… so, when you then share that something and “feel guilty” or sadness from sharing it after, you actually are/were reactivating an older energy that does not match the one you are in your present moment.

That “guilt” and sadness is only an energy you felt pulling you back on demand, your demand. So, you are pulling yourself back from your own well-being. And that is creates sadness.

So, it has nothing to do with what you are sharing but more the energy you are in, that is a better one than the one you are reactivating while sharing what was.

Enjoy observing this when you share something. Enjoy observing how you feel when you share something or once you shared it.

It can help you see how your own energy has uplifted since then

It is a great way also to see the progress you are making or if you are aware of your own messages from your feelings.

Nathalie 🙂




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