Why do you meditate?

Do you know why you meditate? Is it something people do so you also want to do it… or because you heard it can help lower your stress level, be calm and more Zen? Is it because the one your love meditates, and you join in? Is it part of a yoga class so you just go with it?

Or is it to connect with your inner being and meditation is a portal to do that?

Your answer might be important, as the intention is not the same, and it does not have the same energy frequency, therefore it will not produce the same result. Comparing experience results with others not aware that the intention behind will produce different results could make you think it does not work (for you). This can often explain in a way why someone meditates without seeing any changes in their personal life.

When you meditate to connect with your inner being, the results will bring intentions to reality, as the connection will bring a different pace, a different rhythm to your mind, a different flow of energy to which you connect, and it sets the energy field in you and around you.

When your intention to do a meditation is to only connect within, with your inner being, with your source, you will reach a place where all is good, all is well, and all is love. So, when you are done with the meditation, you will feel that energy, you will be surrounded from inside out therefore you will have reach better results, longer lasting results even of the unsaid intentions.

Those intended meditation are the ones where you hear the answers you seek to receive.

Those intended meditations are the ones where you can reach that oneness and completeness.

Meditate to connect with your inner being is your portal to your well-being.

Knowing why you meditate is your course-correction to ensure a successful meditation.

Nathalie 🙂




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