Everything has an expansion reason.

Often the oneness, the interconnection is thought with the cell we once were, the dust we will become, all from Earth which is part of the Cosmic Universe; but oneness is through our inner being that is part of the infinite Universe, Source… which we are all.

Our oneness on a personal level is the whole that we are with our spiritual being and our physical being, and the oneness we are collectively is that Source’s part we are as personal whole.

Our interconnection as one is not of dust to cells under the same sky, but sharing the same Source’s part as our spiritual self in our physical self. Therefore, to truly feel from our core that connection and the importance of all ramifications our being implies when we think, speak and act, it is through being fully connected with our inner being and accepting inspired actions to either move forward or course-correct what was thought, spoke and acted without awareness of the ramifications… to allow expansion reasons of what is. In everything has its reason… it is everything has its expansion reason.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂




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