It is easy when it is easy

It is easy to love when it is easy to. It is easy to feed love when all is good, and all is well.

Love is an ongoing and endless feeling; its source is infinite; it never stops unless you decide to put a stop to it consciously or not. It is your choice to keep adding stop signs.

Make sure the feeling behind your thoughts, your words and actions are loving ones.
Change your perception when it is not, in order to feed the loving part maybe not of what is, but of what you might not see if you don’t change your standpoint.

Feeding the love energy is as your responsibility as feeding its opposite or any other feeling, but it has a different energy… one of peace and one of smile, and one of fun and one of satisfaction.

Feeding love does not change facts, but it changes the solution energy.

When you feed the love energy, you feed your highest good which is connected to other’s highest good therefore you become part of greater movement without maybe knowing it.

Enjoy understanding the process of not feeding your ego’s thoughts, but simply the love energy in seeing something good in something less good.

It is a good start to be aware of such a powerful energy.

Nathalie 🙂



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