Living with a loving intention

Beautiful reminder that in order to be able to forgive and heal the soul… living with a loving intention, for yourself, for the others, for the earth… acceptance of what is and of the people that are into your life in your now, and the situation that you are going through, are there for your personal life lessons… the ones the soul enjoys learning and experiencing… with love.

It is not so much healing the soul, but rather giving the soul something to enjoy.

Not understanding why a situation is not going away or why some people are in your environment… is not taking the time to say “okay, what do I need to learn here, show me what do I need to learn”… with an open mind and from a loving point of view… for yourself … and often you can easily find the answer behind the fears you have. When it is too hidden for you to see it, ask your inner guidance to help you see and… be open to accept what it will be.

Often it is to gain strength, or courage. Other times it is to help you change your definition of love, or compassion, or forgiveness, or ___ .  Definition that are not ego-based.

Not accepting to see the truth, (not your ego-oriented truth) … can make it painful, emotionally and (or) physically.

How about today you take some time to meditate or pray on what hurts or disappoints you… so you can see where the truth is the ego one and your personal misaligned one. Not praying in begging something, but in thanking for what is you might not see, and you wish to see, thanking for a clearer understanding and view.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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