Can you see your tools?

Do you know that you already have everything you need to balance your now? You might not see it because you are looking into how to balance tomorrow, but today, in your present moment, you already own everything to restore balance.

Often people tend to look at what they do not have thinking that it is what is needed. This way of doing makes one not being aware of all that they are and all that they have… and also it is a sign that they are not listening and not in collaboration with their inner being holding all the tools they already have and can use.

Take the time to see where you feel balance is needed and then, take the time to look into what you have… the same way you could do an omelet with some precise vegetables or you could do one with the ones you already have… and instead of postponing the cooking after going to the grocery store, you can simply enjoy one now with all that you can use to make a different one than the one you had in mind.

Being open and flexible to use what you have now is all you need to restore balance into your present moment.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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