Sometimes it is in the difference

When you go through changes…how open are you to let go of what you are changing or what is changing? Either a desired change or a non-desired change in your now.

Are you having one foot in the past and one foot in the new?

What are you not ready to let go? Do you really have to let go completely… or do you have to let go of how it was… to bring a new state, a new way, a new energy, a different situation, a different collaboration, a whole new life?

Often, an ego-based thought can make you think you must let go completely, or that it will never be the same… which is what a change is… something different.

There are many examples, but here is an easy one about letting go of how it was and not on everything so you can understand the difference and how the ego can play tricks on thoughts…  a parent must accept to let a young adult (child) moving on in life. Very often you see a parent hovering and being over-protective when such situation happens because the fear of losing a closer relationship can increase the fear-based actions. Sometimes, the thoughts, fears and worries are increasing so much, that the parent becomes ill from stress and so much negative thoughts.  So, instead of creating a new positive way and new energy, a new different relationship with a different situation, instead of creating a different collaboration, a parent can keep one foot (mind thoughts and beliefs) into the past and one into the new.

You can see that in relationships, you can see that in a career change, you can see that in moving to a different location…  some relationships can remain friendships and some not, some career make you keep some skills and some getting new ones, some people are moving in a different location with all their belongings and some starting from scratch.

You see what I mean here? When it comes to a major life event, it is easier to see it.

What about the little things, the smaller changes you are doing or going through… do you keep one foot in the past and one in the new? What are you not letting go? Is is something you must adapt or adjust in a different way, a new way, or something you must let go for good to make place to new?

Take the time to see, where you let your ego-based thoughts and beliefs keeping you from moving on. Take the time to see if only a difference is the new.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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