Your own sunshine

More than ever you can see how important to be your own sunshine is.

You can be your own sunshine no matter the conditions, as only an ego-oriented mind will put restrictions or circumstances to something.

You know the sun comes up every day no matter what the forecast is… well… same goes for your personal sunshine, your personal inner light that is never sleeping… just like the sun.

Sometimes the sun shines above the clouds or the rain, and other times all the way to you.
Can this make you see how its state of being is the same, but some conditions make it seems different depending your point of view?

Your inner light, your inner sun is at the center of your own universe and is always there.

Take the time to acknowledge it and take the time to understand your own barometer and your own emotional forecast so you do not lose track of your own sunshine position.

Clean your own emotional clouds by bringing more oxygen to your space.

Let the clouds vanish in raindrops to lighten them to make space for the rays to shine further.

The cleaner your emotions will be, the more you can see your own sunshine.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂



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