Being grateful is acknowledging

Being grateful is a spiritual practice. When you are grateful, you acknowledge.

Some are grateful for the good and the wonderful and some are grateful for every single thing, no matter if it is good or not because they understand the why(s) of it all. When you do not understand, you can ask within in order to overcome the unknown. Sometimes it comes as a direct answer and other times it can come from having an overview or a different standpoint to help the question vanish and no longer catch your attention.

Does this sound familiar to any other practice?

You can start by being grateful for all you enjoy and like and see… then you can go on with being grateful for all those feelings and good that came out of those… then you can keep going with what else comes to your mind that you know you are grateful for… then you can also add all that was not at first to you a good thing but you can see good came out of it, changes came out of it… then you can keep going with everything else that pops into your mind that you can add to your list. This is a part of how I teach gratitude. Step by step. From tangible and visible to unlimited.

When you are grateful, you connect yourself to your inner being, you get closer to your authentic self.

When you are grateful you uplift your energy and you can open yourself to love energy.

When you are grateful without restriction, you open yourself to accepting what is without conditions and without a non-loving interpretation and understanding.

Enjoy adhering to this practice and make it yours.

Nathalie 🙂



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