Details out of context

Do you criticize on a few details out of context… without having all the story and scenario?

Do you hear or see something and because it was your viewpoint at that moment, it became a truth for you?

A truth is created on what you observe, feel, see, hear… It is created with the information you have at the moment you have them.

A distant viewpoint makes it impossible to criticize and judge since it can bring you an understanding of all the details in place, details that can be comprehend with that further overview standpoint. And even then, you might not have all the behind the scene information.

So, when there are some details not making sense for you, ask within to clarify them and see the judgement vanish. And listen.

When you catch yourself criticizing anything, stop to tell yourself that you do not have the clear overview to understand, stop… to tell your ego-oriented mind from creating different scenarios than the one already in place you simply not see.

When your close perception twist something into a reality that pleases your ego-oriented mind, it can bring many negative emotions that you might feed with scenarios that for you can be plausible…. and when you step back to a further point of view, some details will make sense, and some will lose the importance you gave it when it was the only thing you were seeing.

Be wise to step back when you judge. You will see miracle shift of energy and mindset when you do.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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