You always create your own path

Sometimes you walk and create your own path… and sometimes you walk an existing one… but you never walk someone else’s path… since you leave your own footsteps and you add your energy and creativity. Walking an already existing path is often an answer to easy and effortless desires you might have requested, so you can focus on what you wish to add to it or leave, that will make it your own path.

Have you ever followed someone on a trail? Even when you put your feet in their footprints, you are still leaving yours in theirs, the pattern changes to become something different than just theirs… sometimes slightly different.

Sometimes walking an existing path is the easiest way for all the personal reasons it can be.

Make sure you are not creating your own path out of ego-oriented mind desires telling you that you must be different and make something different from scratch.

Maybe you were led to an existing path to ease your way and once a while get off the trail to make your own one.

Be wise enough to listen and accept that the designed path visible or invisible that is shown to you is the one to take.

Nathalie 🙂



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