Accept the next level

Why is releasing the old and what is no longer necessary important and your responsibility?  Because it helps you clean your energy and space within and surrounding you.

When you take the time to observe all there is that you can see, in the same time you can have a reflection of what is going on with you, your ways, your habits, your perception, your beliefs, your thoughts, etc. … and all the changes you know deep down that needs to be done… or the ones that observation can show you are needed.

It is your responsibility to accept the changes not only that you cannot make, but the ones you can.
Those changes are there for you to be strong in your uniqueness… to align with your authentic self.

They help you to stand your authentic ground and understanding that everything is happening for your personal growth and evolution as it is happening into your life and you are the one seeing it the way you do… to help you stay connect within and(or) remind you to connect within to seek love and peace.

Releasing the old and what is no longer serving you is not only to make space for new, but to help you learn and master your personal life lessons, not staying stuck into a past lesson that is or was a step to the next one, a new one or a new level of it. Accept the next level.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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