Stop bargaining your peace

Choosing harmony over chaos, or disagreement, is not always an easy choice when others are involved or when it requires major changes, or changes in commitments to obtain harmony or a better and more positive surrounding.

When there is unbalanced felt in your energy or the one surrounding you shaking yours, once aware of it, make sure you base your choices on what you can change, only you… not what others “should” be changing or what others “should” be doing to make it better and bring harmony.

They might not even notice it, or they might not feel the same disharmony as you are. Each person has its own life lessons and life path to walk on with a personal inner compass and awareness level.

Protecting your integrity is important. Listen to the whispers coming from within helping you to protect your own well-being. Make sure you are not only choosing what is more convenient thinking you do not have the strength to follow your inspired actions inviting you to be loyal to yourself.

Ask your inner guidance and the Universe to smooth the ways once you accept to stop bargaining your peace of mind and peace of place.

Sometimes people wait for divine protection not understanding that they already have it.

You simply need to be aware that you already have it and you simply need to ask to feel it.

Nathalie 🙂



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