Toll booths on your inner bridge

Is there a toll booth on your inner bridge? Or many? Understanding oneness and unity is opening your inner bridge to everything you desire. It is allowing free passage “both ways”. It is allowing love to be the only speed limit.

Oneness and unity can sometimes be a long life process of understanding, and it might require a deeper connection and a trust that is not one without challenges and acceptance… so it is okay to go with the concept one thing at a time… learning, seeing the bridge or even that there is a bridge… accepting and understanding that you are that bridge to your inner being and that your inner being is that bridge also.

Observe… connect within to observe that some toll booths seem to be taking place here and there on that bridge… and some might even have a higher cost than others.

Work on demolishing those toll booths one by one so you can have a toll-free inner bridge. Those toll booths are your beliefs, your life lessons you might delay learning, the ego-based thoughts telling you there is a price to something…

Work on your inner bridge… and it is okay if sometimes you don’t… that might be one of your toll booths to be aware of.

Nathalie 🙂



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