Protecting your dreams

Do you really protect your dreams? Your dreams come from desires you hold dearly and they come from your heart and from a place where little things here and there helped create them.

When you share them, if you do, make sure you share them with people with good energy and unconditional love, which can uplift the energy and create a greater collaboration when more than one are wishing and creating something together… and do it because you love them and you wish to share that love with them… because although some people might bring new good idea and tools for you to see them happening… it still means that you might not trust yourself with your own power  as much as you might think you do. Your first collaboration is with your inner guidance as your inner being knows exactly how to make it real.

So protecting your dreams… is not only from others’ input and energy or critics, from their own point of view that did not have your little things here and there to create your dream… but also from yourself… your ego making you think they can help you or they can show you better, or they can approve it, or they are the one showing you how to realize it, etc.

Think of your dreams and who you shared/share them with? If you wish to share them, when you follow your intuition and inspiration, you will see with who you can share them… because they can have some positive additions you are seeking that will come from them as an answer or inspired action from the Universe making you meet with them.

All other’s input are little seeds planted that can grow or not depending on your inner connection to either feed them or get rid of the them because they might not be the seeds you need to help grow. And… depending on your personal strength to protect your dreams, it becomes important that you protect them as they are yours created from your “you”, your unique you. Some might have similar ones, but it is in the details that it becomes yours.

When you have a mutual dream with someone, you can share with them but there again, follow your intuition and inspiration to share what and when to share… so ego(s) are not getting in the way… (you know those conversations just to fill in the silence type of sharing).

Enjoy your dreams and share them wisely… seek your approval within… protect them from your ego also.

Nathalie 🙂



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