How do you communicate? Do you speak what is in your heart or do you say what you think must be heard?

Take a closer look at how you communicate with others and with yourself. Do you speak with integrity?

In communication there is the listening part… do you listen with a full attention or do you listen thinking what you will respond while listening? Do you listen without letting your ego-oriented mind take over… fully listening what the others are saying and responding what comes from your heart after? Maybe even following your intuition that might have brought up something to say that is for the highest good?

It is easy to master communication, the one you, yourself, must be in tune with… communicate your truth as it is the only one you know. The truth that comes from your heart not your ego-based thoughts. The truth of saying how you are and what you wish with a loving intention.

Listening the truth of the others when they speak is listening to their personal truth. It is what it is from their own perception and experiences they believe to be true… at that time.

All positive loving communication can resolve conflicts… as in their heart… everyone is wishing and wanting peace and joy to everyone.

You can start with yourself… speaking your truth and only yours as each one is doing or trying to do the same. In doing it, you can encourage and inspire the people surrounding you to do the same.

Enjoy the process of understanding that a truth is personal and according to what you know, so the more you know the more you give your truth the possibility to change to a different truth. To help you understand this… imagine a child that believes a television personage is real… until he or she sees and understand that it is man made and there is more to the personage to come alive that what he or she first saw and was a truth for him or her at that time.

The more you know the more a truth can change. It does not mean that what you thought was a truth was a lie, but there is more than one perception to everything and always a beautiful way to see.

Nathalie 🙂



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