Finding your essence

Finding your essence is knowing the substance that feeds your soul and makes you feel whole and joyful and at peace and what bring you back into a beautiful sense of perfect alignment and happiness effortlessly.

Your life purpose is that essence, your essence. Once you find it and understand what it is, you can ask your inner guidance how you can go on using it more and more and even make a career or a job with it if you wish.

This is what those quotes about doing what you love so you do not seek vacations are talking about… not just doing what you love, but doing what your life purpose is which brings you to do what you love that never feel like a task or a job or a must-be-doing.

Take the time to observe what brings you light in your eyes and your heart naturally.

Take the time to observe and name it.

Be aware of what beautiful expression is manifesting through you.

Taking the time to discover your essence is discovering your life purpose.

Enjoy the beautiful process.

Nathalie 🙂



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