Creating new patterns

Letting go of old patterns mean you can now enjoy new ones you can create.

It might be scary to get out of your comfort zone even when that comfort is not a positive one. You can ask for inner guidance and help when you decide to let go of all that is not allowing your light to shine, or your light to show you the way. You can even ask to be help under the Law of Grace for yourself when you cannot let go and you know letting go is for your highest good.

An old pattern is like a shadow energy keeping you from all the blessings you have and keeping you from either seeing them or accessing them as that shadow is no longer in sync with you, therefore not giving you the freedom you can have without it.

Once you have let go of old patterns, you will see how your creative energy is back into your life and into your imagination allowing those manifestations to exist and allowing you to see them all.

There is a lot to say about letting go of old patterns because it is not an overnight process. Some you might know you have let go of already yet, there are still some that needs your attention and once a while, reading about old pattern to let go can help you be aware of the ones you might use in your now.

Old patterns are also the more recent ones you created after letting go of others… that now, in their due time, becomes old ones themselves.

Letting go of something is easier when it is replaced with something else that is good so there is no emptiness left which can make old patterns want to come back.

Creating new patterns can help you letting go of old ones… you do not need to wait until the space is available to start replacing one by a better and new one. You can also enjoy working on a new one and you will maybe see how an old one vanishes to leave all its place to this new one… effortlessly.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂



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