Gathering and conflicts

Holidays or not it is the same… gathering… and the joy of any gathering for many is being with family and friends… willingly or not… and sometimes with this comes conflicts. It is easy to blame others or the non-receptivity of the others or _____ fill in the blank, with the reasons you have.

Conflict is you not listening to your inner guidance with all the wisdom it shows you to avoid feeding the situation.

Then of course, there is the desire of wanting to take control to fix it… but you could also ask your inner guidance to help you resolve it… so it can be done for the best of all.

Try to catch yourself when you feel a struggle in your situation or in your emotions. Whether you are struggling in a situation with someone or yourself with your own beliefs and thoughts, stop and listen what is it that you are not listening.

Often gathering, whether it is for a good cause and reason or not, is a very good time to assess your personal beliefs and your personal perception regarding conflicts. Take the time to be responsible about your own receptivity to what is going on and how people are… and not blaming what is or others according to your ego-based expectations.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂



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