Your treasure island

Can you see how something difficult is for your own good… for your highest good?  Can you sometimes see it? Or not at all? Or only later when you see the good result arriving?

Can you see how every difficult situation is for you to either ask something better, or learn one of your major life lessons?

What is following a challenging situation or experience? Something good. Yes! You might call it a miracle, or you might call it a break, or you might call it a gift from the sky. The period between the challenge and the miracle is sometimes short and sometimes too long to feel any appreciation.

The more you will learn to connect within to understand what is going on and what to see from your challenging now… and to be grateful for the rest that you can see… the faster you will get to that treasure island where things will start paying off and where you will feel that harvest time.

It is always there and available… it is always also up to your awareness and what you choose once aware… to feed the challenge or to decide to change it which is allowing you to access it.

While doing this… make sure you do not limit your possibilities. It does not mean doing everything and daring life… it means opening yourself to the many and infinite possibilities the Universe have in store for your desires and dreams to happen.

It means being flexible and accepting that there is more than your imagination. It means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Take the time today to see where you feel your possibilities limited and ask your inner guidance to show you how you can expand them… and be flexible in receiving the answer as this could be your start to it.

Enjoy the process of not limiting yourself to a treasure island.

Nathalie 🙂



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