Why would you hide?

Your inner guidance knows you from inside out… therefore there is no need to pretend anything with your inner guidance.  You simply cannot hide from yourself… even when you might pretend to.

You will always be guided to your desire and your dreams… from all that you are, from what you are and what you might try to hide of yourself from yourself… and the path, the ways, will always be the one(s) you can take with ease and joy, or more ease and more joy…  the ones you can handle.

Your ego-oriented mind might make you think otherwise when you choose to not listen for whatever reasons you believe is good not to listen. There will be a new way created for you when you will be ready to listen… so it might take just a little longer to get to it.

Trusting your inner guidance is not always an overnight trust or work… but it is always there waiting for you to trust and listen.

Enjoy the process of learning to trust your inner guidance.

Nathalie 🙂




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