You inspire others

Showing your colors is expressing yourself, your uniqueness and showing your beautiful you to others. Being yourself is showing what your heart is and keeping your beliefs and your values even when the others might not share the same.

Be the joyful you without being afraid of what others might think… and you might be surprised how you could be inspiring others who need a little nudge to also be themselves.

Sometimes you do not know and never will know who you are an inspiration to. And that is the beauty of always being yourself and not being afraid to share what you think you should share when you do.

We are all tools for others as they are for us… and you are a tool for others. Showing your colors in expressing yourself is the tool you are when you express yourself… even when expressing yourself is being still and silent.

Express your uniqueness showing your amazing colors, the ones that are shining from inside out.

Enjoy life and express yourself.

Nathalie 🙂


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