Let it out

You hold inside of you the greater love. Let it out! Allow it out without your ego interfering making you think it has to do with conditions and situations or even people.

You do not need to filter anything that comes from your heart. You do not need to hold on to anything that is from your heart. Your ego-oriented mind might say otherwise… for all sorts of reasons.

You hold inside yourself the greater love that also makes everything understandable and not questionable.

You hold inside yourself that greater love making your now perfect with all its beautiful colors, even the colors you might like less.

Enjoy love as it is yours to be and shared… without conditions. It is not love when you put conditions and limits or boundaries to it. It is not love when you wish it was different.

Don’t make this “loving all” only holidays energy thing, but a life habit and way of being.

Have a beautiful day!

Nathalie 🙂



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