To allow love…

Do you allow love to come into your life? Do you truly do? Do you put a definition to love therefore not allowing everything else that could be love to come in?

Often love is given a definition and some associations that are made from the ego-oriented mind… so when love is coming into your life you might not recognize it, you might think it is not love or not enough to be love or not real love… and you might find yourself not allowing it to be part of your life.

Make sure you are not in your own way to let love coming into your life.

Take the time to define love and look up what love is so you can see if you have a distorted definition or view of what love is.

Take the time to see where you felt it was not “real” love to see if you were expecting something different from an ego-oriented definition of it.

Take the time to also see when you share and give love… either to others or loving who you are, if you are at peace with it… because you know you do it from a heart or a soul-oriented definition of what love is.

Today I invite you to look at your definition of love and what love is.

Enjoy the process.

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 🙂

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I invite you to read this blog from the first article so you can follow a journey through your reading. It was published April 8, 2019. Enjoy your reading.




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