Sometimes if not often, people seek a little encouragement from outside. That little nudge feels like strength to go on, to move on, to step forward… and they might find themselves in a need for some more encouragement from outside to keep going later on.

When you seek that encouragement from within, whatever your beliefs are, you connect yourself with your inner strength and the more you connect within for that encouragement, that little nudge, the more you feel that powerful strength you already have… that eventually becomes a natural part of your whole that you feel and will be easily accessible in time of need.

Be wise and seek within, not only outside. It is okay to need help and ask for it… make sure you use that help to support your own personal work you do to be strong on your own. It does not matter how long it takes and how many times you ask… as long as you are also working on your own strength… that you already have within.

It is also important that you never compare your inner strength to someone else’s as the same way everyone is physically different with different skills and abilities and strength that is easily acceptable when looking and observing someone else… inner being is also different and personal to your own life path and evolution.

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 🙂


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I invite you to read this blog from the first article that was posted on April 8, 2019 so you can enjoy a journey reading your way up.




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