A healthy balanced day

Looking ahead with hope and positiveness, with optimism, is opening yourself to a healthy balanced day.

You allow positive energy to surround you when you already enter the day with such energy.

You allow what you need to come into your present moment as you go with your day… keeping that positiveness alive.

When you feel positive and energized, you might not pay or even want to pay attention to what is not offering that same vibe… like a need to protect it and let it be lasting longer and longer and longer… as it feels good and make you feel good.

You might find yourself making a detour when and where you see drama… consciously or unconsciously.

That positive start is your responsibility.

Some might say or think that they do get out of bed with a positive attitude… until they get out of their bedroom where it is not as positive, and then find themselves sucked into the energy that is on the other side of their bedroom door… if not just as soon as they put their foot down getting out of bed.

Well… I invite you to observe how long you “worked” on that energy before you get out of bed. The longer you will either have a self-talk, a conversation with your inner guidance, or pray or meditate on it… the better your energy and the stronger it will be… and the longer you will feel it before you face something that will trigger its change.

You might notice that what is not on the same energy frequency will not affect you as much, if not at all, and you might also notice how you become a tool to help shift the energy of those around you.

It is also your responsibility to keep feeding it and to keep it up.

Try it… do it… and take the time to notice the changes you will feel. Hope and positiveness open yourself to a healthy balanced day.

Enjoy the process.

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 🙂


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