Releasing emotions

Releasing emotions help renewing you soul’s desires.

When you release those emotions that are a burden, and making you feel like you are carrying a very heavy suitcase with broken wheels through each life challenges you encounter, you can feel that freeing energy surrounding you.

You do not have to be radical about it, but if you do, it is your choice and go on with it… you can also do it step by step. No matter how you will choose to do it, and with help from others or not, one day or another, challenges will come in to help you face those emotions that you have not let go yet and must let go to move on. It is part of moving on in the right direction and opening yourself to let your soul’s desires come to reality.

Those soul’s desires are for your own well-bring and your highest good. Those soul’s desires are what makes you satisfied and balanced. Those desires are part of your equilibrium and are simply waiting for you to acknowledge them.

When you work at releasing those emotions, you create space for those desires to be fulfilled. When you work at releasing those emotions, you allow some inner light to make its way to those desires. It is just like renewing them, reviving them.

You can release some emotions through understanding that they are not your now, and maybe they once were, but they are not anymore. Those are emotions that maybe protected you, maybe taught you, maybe helped you grow, maybe shook you… to master some life lessons… but today, in your now… are they still serving their purpose? Are they just there reminding you what you have been through or what you are trying to get rid of? Be grateful for them in releasing them. It can bring some closure on a more positive note.

Releasing emotions not only help you in your now… to be fully in your now… but it also renews your soul’s desires that are in your now.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂



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