Acceptance and happy places

How well do you accept the changes? How well do you accept something that is not your choice? How easy is it for you to simply accept it?

As we know nothing happens without good reasons even if they are not always visible or desired… they do.

Do you first go through many emotions… with your ego-oriented mind making you think your view is the only true one? Or do you simply look at what is different with a new approach… with joy for the change?  Do you see something out of your control with a maybe negative input or do you see something new with a how-can-I-make-this-fun attitude?

It might be difficult to adjust or adapt in some occasion, to look at it with an observer point of view… a somehow detached point of view…. or the others’ point of view… or the Universe’s point of view?

Sometimes managing acceptance is not coming without efforts and a good way to do so is by taking a little distance from it, from your thoughts about it, from your words about it, from your ego… in going to some happy places and keeping yourself busy with some happy thoughts and happy things… just so you can get out of your own way. Just so you do not feed it with ego-oriented negative thoughts, scenarios and justifications.

You can do this in many little easy ways…  doing things totally not related… reading something totally not related… talking about something totally not related…  not later on but *as soon as you find yourself hurt or feeling negative*. Your ego might make you feel pain with the what about and what if and why (s). So, in distancing yourself from that in going to some happy places is not you avoiding it, it is you helping yourself to have a better perspective about what is. To breathe in, accept it, and love it out.

That happy place is your free will. You can reach and go into those happy places as much as you want… if you choose to. It helps you keep a better energy surrounding you. It helps you enjoy life with all the changes when they come unwanted and unexpected.

It will also help you find that smile with a healthier balance than the negativity your mind might have been feeding to control the situation.

A daily practice of this with little things here and there everyone encounters during a normal day can ease your way for moments when you will face a bigger challenge that might trigger some painful or negative emotions, where it may be harder to get your distance from.

The more you practice, the more natural it gets… which might also be why some people seem to have more practicing to do than others… like life lessons about letting go and learning to be flexible.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂



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