How to let go…

How to let go is often a question asked in readings/consultations.

Many times it is easier said then done but it gets easier when you know how to slowly get it… one step at a time.

Besides the deeper self-work to understand what and why to let go and the forgiveness part of it… you can start by letting go… feeding the negative about it.

On the long term you might have the forgiveness part once you understand what was the purpose of what to let go is or was… but on a daily basis and on a short term when your mind seems to have a self feeding thoughts engine…

Keeping yourself grounded with every day  tasks and chores can help cleaning that energy as your mind might tend to go more with the flow. You might find yourself feeding some negative thoughts in giving it all sorts of plausible scenarios, so keeping yourself busy with regular daily chores will keep your energy also moving which will help cutting some momentum and thoughts.  Not that it might not come back later on but it will leave some space to pick up another uplifting energy… or to hear and receive some messages.

Another good way to also let go that busy mind of yours is keeping yourself either busy with like-minded people or making sure you are well surrounded with like-minded people, which can be tricky at time because you might find yourself  with people having the same energy you are trying to get rid of or uplift yours from. So like-minded people would be people having the same philosophy about life and well-being.

Having people doing the same activities or having the same interests is not a guaranty of being with like-minded people.

In doing so you are keeping your integrity intact. You are giving yourself a better environment.

Letting go is part of the personal life lessons you might have and what you are trying to overcome or the challenge you are facing is helping you to master one.

Those exercises are not the “letting go” of the situation you might try to understand but the practice of not feeding the negative so you can learn to let go without feeling you have to climb Everest to do so… or without feeling you have a too heavy baggage on your shoulders to be able to do so. This is a way to stop adding to it.

It can help to slowly set the energy for you to be able to understand what is or what was that is no longer serving your now or where you are going, so you can understand also what you must let go to move on.

Try to remember that keeping yourself busy helps when you find yourself feeding the negative.

And you might end up with a clean house in the same time! 🙂

Nathalie 🙂



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