Only later

Clarity about a situation may sometimes come only later…if not much later. Those are situations that might become challenging as letting go it is not a state of mind that comes effortlessly… and not letting go of it might make you in your own way… not allowing you to see it clearly.

Yes, you might want to take control so you can fix it… not exactly knowing how to or which is the best way.

Yes, an observer point of view always helps, but it is not always a possible option for some people. It takes a lot of practice for many. And the more you are involve emotionally in the situation the less easy becoming an observer is.

In such situation, when you know some clarity is a must and you feel a struggling energy about it influencing you, even if it is not what you wish to do, because you might feel a strong need to understand… you need to find some happy places in order to push your focus away from it.

Guess what? This is what can bring you instant clarity or hints to see it later, because it will help shift your energy and while you are not struggling to understand and fix it, you might find yourself receiving an intuition or an inspiration about it.

In changing your focus places and doing things that makes you happy in any ways… help a shift of energy and help stop the worries about it.

It becomes very helpful to know how to shift your focus. It becomes very helpful to keep your attention on things that you love to maybe bring a little smile and to keep going to the next one if necessary… until you feel a shift of energy… or until you forgot about what you were looking for.

And… yes… even if you do this… it is not a 100% sure that you can see clearly about the situation as it may come later… much later. So why trying to force something that will be clear only later. It would be like forcing the clouds to clear the way with some gigantic fan so you can see clearly the blue sky. This does not make any sense… so does trying to see clearly something now when you need to struggle to do so.

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