What is an action?  It is something you do that creates “a” result… towards “something”.

An action is not always “getting up” to do something.

Sometimes taking action is taking a decision, deciding something, which might open up to more actions. Sometimes taking action is speaking your truth which might open up to more actions. Sometimes it is connecting within to your highest self to centered yourself which might bring some inspired actions. All of these examples need some “action” since you will maybe sit down to list or think of the pros and cons or all options to decide; you will maybe engage a conversation with yourself or with someone to speak your truth; and you will maybe sit down to meditate to connect within.

All those actions are steps you took, acting steps helping you achieve something.

So when a message about taking action comes up… or your feel the energy inviting you to take some actions… and you do not know which action is the one to take… it might be simply something that will lead to a bigger action which might be what “action” mean to you… something big. It is not… action is engaging into something.

When you define a word… it is like breaking it down for your ego that loves using one big definition for everything. And this might help ease some stress factors and anxiety.

Today take action… in looking into what you think you must do and break it down to see what the next right action is.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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