Your past

Sometimes, it is easy to allow the past to be an obstacle in the now… if you even notice doing it.

It might also be easy to let it define who you think you are, and what you think you can do or might do or must do… when you are aware of it. Not easy because it is easier to do it… but because to not do it is a challenge and it might require you to face the work you will be invited to do, or self-awareness that it needs to not let your past define your now or be an obstacle in your now.

The present moment is now with all you are today, and you became from that past that created you. Also, in that present moment, you can choose what you wish to let go and add what you desire to become… towards the authentic you. The present moment starts now, not years ago.

To allow the past not be an obstacle to your now, it might require forgiveness… of others, of situations and of yourself.

To allow the past not to be an obstacle to your now, it might require you to look into your present motivation, like an addendum to past ones you might have had.

To allow the past not be an obstacle can open to inspirations, inspired actions, joy and happiness… like opening a window to let the dust out and the fresh air in.

Your past is not a real obstacle to your now unless you let it be.

Nathalie 🙂



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