Golden storms

What is a storm? It is something unwanted, something going on that changes what is and what sometimes changes the course of what is.

Although storms are mostly unwanted… they are not unnecessary… and some storms are gold ones.

They might come unwanted and they might feel like your ground is shaking… or your core is shaking… or your faith is shaking… but those gold ones are there to bring solidification to what is… to shake what does not belong there anymore and what should be let go or better reconstructed with better ground, better values and better connections. They help to solidify what you desire or help you work on a better solidification.

Those gold ones are the ones that allow you to feel like another chance was given to you and you have a new ground or a new canvas to co-create from now… with your new you and your complete awareness and knowledge that you might have lost or not seen.

After such a storm, there is light that shines on your path and your awareness to see it is important and can be enhanced with your inner connection.

Those golden storms are blessings in disguise so you can ground yourself and keep working on your desires and your dreams… they are there to help you manifest what you want… not what you wish but what you want deep within and often there is a nuance between those two.  

You know that peaceful energy after a storm… that sense of peace is the time to understand that you are guided or redirected into the right direction or a better one… it comes to clean the way for the next step or the next dream to happen.

Nathalie 🙂



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