Uncertainty and surprises

Divine timing or Universe timing or mysterious timing… however you call it and see it… is like an ocean. An ocean in which you know things exist and you also know that you do not know everything that it contains or can contain.

It is like an ocean in which you might have seen some things and never expected others to even exist.

Divine timing is like an ocean in which you might swim never knowing if you will arrive to a shore soon or not.

And in that ocean, there are surprises… some more fun and more beautiful than others.

You can trust that you will be okay, or you can be scared that you will not… and whatever you believe you are… will be your truth and how you see it. You might see it full of colors and uniqueness and freedom and you can also see it like a deep fearful container.

Have you ever struggled in water? Have you ever experienced that when you stop struggling in water you start floating and when you float it allows you to see the sky and the shore or the side… giving you hopes and bringing a sense of relief and maybe joy.

Being in the unknown is like swimming in that divine timing ocean… the more you go with the flow, the closer you will eventually get to the shore.

It is not about knowing how to swim… it is about learning and knowing how to float and go with the flow.

Nathalie 🙂



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