Perfect set up

The perfect set up is the one you decide is the perfect one. What can be perfect for one might not be for the other, so it is a very personal perception and also from a personal energy balance.

Because not only your perfect set up might be a specific one but it can also change according to the present moment… and where you are on your life journey.

When you co-create your life, along the way there might come moments where your perception changes and what would have been a perfect set up before is no longer accurate and what you see or live might suddenly be the perfect set up without any doubts nor faking it.

Whatever that is yours and that can bring you happiness will trigger the perception of that perfect set up… when you remain flexible. You might find yourself never waiting for a specific ego-oriented perfect set up again when you remain open-minded because you will not put an ego-oriented list to what is or is not a perfect set up.

Your focus point is your personal desire and your perception which we know is variable and which is great, otherwise you could be waiting all of your life for what you think is a perfect set up.

Make sure you follow your growth and adjust along the way your beliefs about that and let go of what is no longer “real and accurate” for you, so your thoughts are not tricked into believing something is missing and not there.

The perfect set up of everything and every situation is the one you choose.

Nathalie 🙂



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