Untainted desire

Follow your untainted heart desires. Remember them.

When you follow your true desire, it is the one that your ego have not yet tainted with any negative or fear-based emotions and “what if”.

Follow what you truly desire and not what your ego tells you that you should be doing and you should be avoiding. That is not serving the best interest of anyone involved.

You can trust your inner guidance and you can trust the Universe that once the first move is done, when you take initiative, you will be guided to the next step.

You can trust the Universe to help you and yes sometimes you need to make the first move in deciding what you truly desire and go for it. Ask the Universe to step in and help you… and look the miracles unfold in front of you as you go along.

It is important and possible to not let chaos or what looks like a possible storm coming making you think that your true desire is now tainted and spoiled from outside conditions.

Have you ever experienced a situation where you had an action in mind but were to afraid to take it thinking it might not be the right one or that it might bring a storm in your life? Storms clear away what is no longer necessary and in asking for the Universe to step in instead of you trying to clear it by yourself, you might be surprised to see how you might have little to do in the cleaning part of it.

Following your untainted heart is following your pure desire. Everything is connected and everyone is connected and when you follow your heart, you also allow others to follow their own heart.

A pure desire is like a desire connected to others’ desire which is why it is always important to follow your untainted heart.

Nathalie 🙂



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