Limitless vision board

Is your vision board limiting you?

You might have already heard about vision boards, and you might have one of your own.  Most of them are photos and decoupage of things you wish for the future. Mine represents my present and here’s why?

But first, today I invite you to ask yourself how authentic is your vision board? How much of it is in sync with you and your beliefs and who you are? More than looking into it like can-it-happen-and-be-real, ask yourself if you feel it is aligned with your Authentic Self, the desires in your heart and the things making you really happy and not ego-minded happy.

Ask yourself if it makes you see things you are passionate about, or if it is a negative constant reminder of what you do not have? You see, this is the kind of little thing you might think you surround yourself with for the better and a better well-being, but when it becomes a potential negative reminder, an ego feeding tool, it might be time to clean it out and change it. You still could go with a vision board, but a limitless one and an uplifting energy one which might help you co-create even more what you wish for.

I had a few vision boards over the last decades as I upgraded them as things were happening, and they were always my background screen on my computer or laptop. For me it is the best way to see it often and make it part of my daily life and world. I had some with many separated photos that I could see like a slide show. I had some with very specific photos, and I had some with photos representing the energy I was looking for.  Not that I look at it with focus all day long, but it is part of the beautiful things surrounding me.

One day, I felt the need to change the one I had because some of the things were Yeah-done!,  and some of them that I really wished  for were not in my now to be, because I could see the planning of them only in the future, and they suddenly felt misaligned with my energy and my beliefs of living in the present moment and loving this present moment energy “all of that time”.

So, looking into a new uplifting energy board to create, and not wanting to limit my now endless possibilities nor wanting to have anything my ego could use, I started to list the feelings I wanted to feel, and the things I am and wanted to continue to be. I was randomly writing them on an enlarged photo that I already placed on my PowerPoint slide, thinking that after I would find the right image for each one of them. But before even going through photos and images, I realized that this was the best Vision board I could have because it was not limiting myself to a specific place or activity, or a specific airline company for example ̶ on a previous one I had a photo with two airplanes with brand names on them and I ended up travelling with both airlines for real, and I did not want to limit myself to only their destinations. Yup! I go to this limitless openness.

And for me, being a very flexible and adaptable person, some things were better left in the Universe designer’s hands than mine. And it was fun to leave the possibilities open as the Universe knows exactly what makes me happy and what each word represents to me. There was less space for my ego-based mind to interfere.

When an image is associated to something, it can sometimes limit it as it might create expectations, and it might make you miss it when it happens differently because it is not as the image showed it to be possible. You might even be in your own way to see it happening because you might put specific how(s) and ways.

So, I decided to leave my limitless new vision board the way it was with adding in the middle two beautiful photos that were already in my now that I wished to see continue, making me feel great energy when looking at them.

So, when you will go through your own vision board or if you create one… allow limitless possibilities. Allow yourself to create one where your ego will not interfere as much.

If you never had a vision board or if you have no idea what you could put on it… do it with the good feelings that you would like to feel, and beautiful things you would like to be, and never forget the ones that you already love about yourself, and that you are now so they can continue. And leave the design of each to the Universe for some or for all… depending on what you desire.

Doing this kind of vision board is uplifting and is opening yourself to possibilities.

Doing a limitless vision board can help you move on from a situation where you might feel stuck. It can release some negative beliefs taking too much mind space.

Doing a limitless vision board can help you pin-point the energy and feelings you wish to feel.

Such a vision board can help you start seeing your present moment with a better attitude and with more gratitude.

I always suggest starting one with writing the feelings you wish to feel. Just the words no sentences. If you have a perfect picture that represents it for you, go for it add it as the background, or leave the word right there bringing the endless possibilities.

Have fun with it and stay limitless.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂

(Note: This is an edited version 2022. I am editing each blog article to bring them into their book form correcting typos and adding little things here and there to make the content complete. I thought it would better reflect its message in giving you the edited version.)



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