Space and silence

Are you afraid of big space and silence? Or are you not comfortable in such place and situation?

The more you are or will be aligned and enjoy your connection with your inner self, the more you will appreciate those.

Space is full of answers. Silence is full of answers. Those answers are the ones coming from within. In silence you have nothing else to hear but yourself, your self-talk and your inner talk. You can hear your inner guidance or your ego-oriented inner conversation.

Some might be scared or not comfortable because their ego is so much fed with negativity and worries that when they are in silence, they feel trapped into those thoughts. They might feel the heaviness of their thoughts therefore they are not enjoying at all the silence or big empty space away from noise that might cover it all.

Some cannot even spend a minute of their awaken time without a radio or a television on so it can cover all that inner conversation.

The better your connection with your inner self, the more you will enjoy silence, but also enjoy that connection even when totally surrounded with noise. When you connect with your inner guidance and inner light, the outside noise become like ocean waves.

Enjoying silence and big space can be work in progress. You can start with a few minutes a day here and there. You can also start by listening to the type of inner conversation you have while you do that. Are you feeding your fears and worries or are you mentally listing your gratitude and enjoying the present moment?  While you take deep breath, you know you can stop feeding the negativity with gratitude so it could be a wonderful way for you to start those few minutes when you notice that you are not enjoying it, or you do not know how to even be in silence without panicking.

Try it. Add this to your new daily habits if it is not already in it.

Then you can delay the time you turn on the radio or the television. You can delay the moment you welcome noise into your schedule.

You might discover that you delay it more and more as time goes and you might discover that you enjoy the time before you do.

Then go out and enjoy wider space where the silence is what makes it so beautiful. Listen to your intuition increasing and your inspirations you might see coming more and more clearly to you.

Enjoy the silence and space. Space is full of answers.

Nathalie 🙂



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