Something stronger

When a wish did not come through, look at another you had and was stronger energy wise or deep down.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes a dream, a wish did not come true and you really wanted it… to realize that something better took its place in your life instead? Occasionally you can see while it is happening and other times, you can only see that after the fact if not many years later. Some seem to be awesome ones right there and others only after with an observer point of view.

This is about strong desires and wishes that might change your life and you feel ready for it… either a job, career, a relationship, a partnership or even a move into some other places or country. Anything that for you would feel bigger or life changing.

Now if you look back at some wishes that did not happen, can you see if they were something you really truly wished in your heart, or were they what you thought “good options” or “better options” not knowing there was others and even better ones? Or not knowing you could make it happen with something “this big”?

How often have you experienced this on a smaller scale? Take any example that can come up in mind that is yours. It could be something as simple as wanting to see a show for which you worked hard to get the tickets to not being able to purchase them and because you did not attend it, something even greater happened in your life that evening or with that extra money you did not spend. This type of smaller scale deep wish was real, yet something better happened… and very often happen when you are aware of them.

When it comes to something bigger, something that you feel is a life changer, that for this article we can call bigger wishes (they are not bigger because a wish is a wish and size does not matter), but when it is associated to something that seem a bigger wish or might need a bigger orchestration, the unknown and the misunderstanding of it not happening might be harder to take in. It seems to be easy to associate emotions with the size of the event, the size we give it.

It is only further down the path that you might be able to see why it did not work and what took place instead which was corresponding to a true authentic desire you also had so it is like if the Universe was telling you: “We heard what you requested but wait we will give you something even better and greater we also heard from you before.” or “We heard what you requested but this one must come first in this divine order.”

So all the time you think it does not work, and all the time you think you might be doing something wrong from not seeing the result you wished for, you somehow confirm that you want better because when you know “exactly” what you want, you go for it right? You do not doubt about the stagnation, you understand them and you know they are part of the whole plan.

I said “exactly” on purpose because when you have no doubts in your mind about a desire, you don’t even mind the waiting period and the divine timing for all the conditions to be aligned.

When you have a wish and that waiting period becomes an issue, it means that there is something underneath that might be stronger. There is something with a very strong energy that you might be wishing without being aware of it. Something from your heart, not your ego.

Take the time to see what “real wish” you might have that did not come through yet and have a little self-talk about it. Look at which one seem to have taken its place instead and observe how it was a deep true wish too… and trust the divine timing about it.

Besides the fact that you might be in your own way… adding to your wish just like you would add to your cart at the grocery store once you are done with your list, so you keep pushing the time for you to get to the cashier then home to cook, you might discover that what you truly desired is not what you did put into your cart but a different list of ingredients for a recipe you also longed to try out and were all available that day. So, the idea you entered with was a very good one and you really love and wanted it, but there was another one that made its way up and was something you also wished for a longer time that now took over.

When a wish did not come through, look at another you had and was stronger with the right divine timing.

Nathalie 🙂



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